LPU DSA, Top 5 Reasons To Join DSA in LPU

Many of us don’t get a chance to showcase our talent in front of people. Some get lag behind because they don’t have confidence and some due to lack of knowledge of events going on in the campus. Here we have Top 5 reasons to join DSA in LPU.

1. Build You Links

By joining DSA in LPU you will make so many friends in your own interest activity. This will help you to create your links all over the campus. LPU has around 35000+ students, so think if you have more at least than 10% of it as friends? Interesting?


2. Team Work

Sometimes there are some problems in our life that we can’t handle it alone, so we need some more people to help us out. By joining DSA in LPU you will learn to work with a team and make the best out of it. These skills help you in your classes too.


3. Mental Connection

You get so many students in your club and almost all of them are connected to you by some heart relation and you with them. DSA gives you some of the best people in your life which will connect to you by heart and emotions.


4. Skills

Another reason to join DSA is to enhance your skills by joining different clubs and groups in the house. You can choose what you want to learn. There is singing, dancing, modeling, acting, photography, painting, musicians and list is going on. From cultural to sports DSA has so many activities that you can opt.


5. Time Management

Committing to work on a project or joining the sports club will give you’re messed up the routine a structure. You’ll learn to block chunks of unproductive time and make it useful. You’ll also have to meet deadlines, work under pressure or sometimes multi-task. These are important skills you’ll need to get a job and you’ll not have to struggle then.

Hope you love these 5 reasons to join DSA in LPU. Tell us your views or reasons regarding why should we join DSA in LPU.




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